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Dallas Business Lawyer

An Overview of Business Law

For business owners throughout Texas, there is a certain level of dedication and stability required to run a successful business. Part of this balance includes hiring a Dallas business lawyer to handle all of the legal aspects of running a business. Without an attorney to help a business owner understand all of the financial obligations and legal implications associated with ownership, the business may ultimately fail in the long run, which is never ideal for any owner.

Areas of Practice

Here at the Marina Legal Group, PLLC, we assist clients on the regular basis in their most pivotal matters of business law, contract law, and litigation. We can help you protect your business, form a business, or assist with any of the important matters involved. Click on a link below to learn more about some of our practice areas:

Business Disputes - Breach of Contract
While many owners throughout Dallas strive to run a business that will not run into any problems or disputes, this is not always the outcome that occurs. In some unfortunate cases, a dispute will arise, such as with a breach of contract. If a situation such as this does occur, it is best to have an attorney right away.

Business Litigation
Business law issues that require litigation on behalf of an attorney include the breach of contract, business disputes, construction litigation, debt collections, and even commercial landlord-tenant disputes. If you are facing any of these, it is strongly suggested that you hire a lawyer.

Contract Negotiation and Disputes
What is a contract dispute? When a person, such as a partner in a business, wishes to dispute a contract or business deal, he or she requires the help of an attorney to be guided through negotiations. If your partner has disputed a contract, or you wish to dispute your contract, call our firm today.

Entity Formation
Forming your own business can be one of the most difficult and financially overbearing actions. It is always suggested that you have an attorney present to help you form the correct contracts and to make sure that your business is properly protected.

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When you need experienced legal guidance for your business law matter, look no further than the legal team from our law firm. We have helped dozens of families and business owners through some of the most difficult scenarios, and we are ready to help you today as well. Call us to schedule your initial consultation with the firm.