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U.S. Justice Department Files Suit Against Lance Armstrong

In April, the Dallas Business Journal ran a news story about how the U.S. Justice Department had filed a lawsuit against Plano native Lance Armstrong and his company Tailwind Sports. According to the suit, He breached his sponsorship contract with the U.S. Postal Service when he used performance enhancing drugs to win seven Tours de France.

According to CNN, USPS paid approximately $40 million to sponsor the USPS cycling team from 1998 to 2004. CNN reported that the government is seeking triple the amount of sponsorship funds under the False Claims Act. If the government successfully proves their case, they should obtain more than $100 million in damages.

Back in January, Armstrong admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs and earning millions for his victories as a result of those drugs. According to Armstrong, he had used performance-enhancing drugs throughout his career after he spent many years denying it and attacking those who said that he used such drugs. The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency has banned Armstrong from participating in sports for life.

Breach of Contract

When two individuals, business or entities enter a business agreement, it is common practice to enter into a written contract. Creating a business contract is a powerful tool, as it can help avoid disputes and provide legal protections when one of the parties fails to keep their end of the agreement. Contract disputes can occur between partners, businesses and subcontractors, or they can occur with employees or even real estate transactions. When there has in fact been a contract breach, the injured party may be entitled to various legal remedies under Texas State laws. Whether your matter can be handled through negotiations or litigation, it's vital that you enlist the services of a Dallas business attorney from the Marina Legal Group, PLLC. With a case review, we will be able to determine which legal remedies are available to you and we can advise you on the best course of action to take.


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