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Recovering Overdue Payments

Business Attorney in Dallas, TX

There are a variety of legal tools and steps that can be taken to resolve overdue payments and recover debts in a timely manner. If persistent, yet friendly, communications or attempts to contact the individual or party that has payments due to your business don't bring results it may be time for mediation or negotiation. When these attempts fail to resolve a dispute over delinquent payment for goods or services, it may be necessary to apply more aggressive legal action. A collections lawyer with us has helped clients recover debts through litigation or by obtaining a lien, mechanics' lien, judgment or even repossession where applicable.

Having a dedicated attorney looking out for your best interests in resolving a collections matter can free you up to do what is important—namely, running your business!

How can a business lawyer help my company?

Businesses and commercial enterprises of all sizes often depend on the timely payment of invoices or bills after a product has been finished and delivered or services rendered. If your company is being dragged down by unpaid invoices, overdue accounts and other such debt, you should speak with a knowledgeable business attorney as soon as possible about recovering those debts. At Marina Legal Group we have represented clients in matters involving business disputes, business litigation, construction litigation, contract negotiation and disputes, commercial landlord – tenant litigation, commercial and residential real estate transactions, collections and much more. We are driven to providing excellent, personalized representation to businesses and companies with the aim of doing everything possible to help them thrive! Contact a business & commercial collections attorney at the firm now to arrange an initial consultation. Don't let unpaid invoices or accounts cripple your business!