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Legal Help for Your Commercial or Residential Real Estate Matters

With the decline of the housing market, many people are now making a move and purchasing real estate at its lowest price. Oftentimes, a buyer is so eager to make this purchase that he or she fails to fully understand all of the contractual obligations that are required by the buyer, and may end up in a dispute in the end. If you are a business owner making a commercial real estate transaction or you are a resident of Dallas looking to buy a home, it is strongly suggested that you work with a Dallas real estate lawyer from the Marina Legal Group, PLLC.

At our law firm, we assist individuals and business owners through real estate transactions of all types. We also help those who need to understand more about their rights and responsibilities as a land owner. If you are caught in the middle of a dispute or need assistance with negotiations, a Dallas business lawyer from our firm is more than willing to step in and help you today. Click on a link below to learn more about some of our real estate practice areas:

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Transactions
Both commercial and residential real estate transactions can be extremely complex for the buyer. Often, this will be one of the largest (if not the largest) purchase that he or she will make over a lifetime. It is important that all of the terms of the contract are worked out before the transaction is complete to avoid future disputes.

Commercial Landlord Rights and Responsibilities
What are your responsibilities and rights as a landlord of a commercial building? If you need help understanding the financial and contractual obligations that you have, you need to immediately talk to a business lawyer from our Dallas law firm.

Commercial Landlord-Tenant Litigation
In a commercial building, such as one that rents to one or multiple businesses, the landlord and tenants are required to abide by the text in the contract. When one person fails to hold up their end of the deal, litigation is required by both parties to resolve the dispute.

Commercial Real Estate Lease Overview
Leasing an office space or building from a landlord for commercial purposes can be a very difficult and complicated action. It involves lengthy legal documents that can be difficult to decipher without the help of a Dallas business lawyer. Your attorney will help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a lessee in a commercial building.

Commercial Real Estate Representation
No matter what type of legal matter you are currently involved with in regards to commercial real estate, having legal representation should be your main priority. These types of litigations and disputes can take a toll, both emotionally and financially, on a business owner.

Lease Analysis Drafting and Negotiation
Do you need help analyzing, drafting, or negotiating a lease? Commercial real estate leasing is very challenging, especially without the help of an attorney to help you decode the lease. Our firm can help you create an effective legal document and negotiate any dispute that may arise.

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Before you attempt to resolve any type of residential or commercial real estate issue on your own, come to our firm to have your case evaluated. Once you speak with a member of our office, you will immediately understand that we align our priorities with yours and work with you to achieve the best possible solution. Call us today for a review of your real estate case!